About Us
DP Capital is an independent, family-owned company that specializes in building elegant new residential construction of all styles ranging from traditional to contemporary ones. With a combined experience of over 30 years and a commitment to excellence, DP Capital’s experts have become well respected in the industry.

DP Captial’s philosophy is to prioritize customer satisfaction, and work tirelessly to ensure that the client’s concept has been turned into a reality. When hiring DP Capital, clients can rest assured that their home’s design and construction can stand the test of time. Viewing each project as having its own voice, DP Capital is able to build dream homes to match just about any imagination. DP Capital prides themselves on having a team of experts that are reliable, friendly and creative offering the best building experience, with a final product sure to wow even the most critical home-owner.

Using high-endm brand-name materials, and the finest laborers in the Los Angeles area, DP Capital ensures that each home is built to perfection. Moreover, the DP’s attention to detail on new construction goes the extra mile in making certain that every corner of the home is finished to the highest of standards.

Understanding that each client has different tastes, preferences, and lifestyles, DP works directly with homeowners to make their dream home a reality. Building a new construction is a significant investment and the experts at DP capital don’t take the venture lightly. The dedication that the team at DP bring to each and every project is echoed through the entire staff from our craftsmen, to our designers, and our architects.
With DP’s years of experience and focus in the Los Angeles area, DP has become adept at sticking to deadlines to make sure that each project is completed within the allotted schedule and stays on budget.

Whether build a spec home or working directly with a homeowner from scratch, DP has grown a reputation for building gorgeous show homes that have an amazing amount of functionality. Simple things like the placement of a laundry room or the types of sliding glass doors that open the living room up to the backyard that are often overlooked by other builders are carefully analyzed to give the new home-owners the most enjoyable lifestyle in their new house that quickly becomes a home.